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FAQ Section

Do I need to be naked for the massage?

Absolutely not! You undress to your comfort level. Most people just leave on their underwear, but it depends really on what you want worked on. If you're wanting a back massage and leave your shirt on, that's not going to work so well. Always ask your therapist if you're confused. 

How early should I arrive for my appointment?

You should arrive approximately 5 minutes before your start time. Consultation time is included in every booking to better individualize your plan of care every time. 

Can I get a prenatal massage? What about deep tissue?

Yes, every massage has you in mind. If you like deep pressure, we got your back. If you are more sensitive and need a lighter touch we can do that too. Our therapists have training in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger point release, Reflexology, Sports Massage, and have the understanding of the human body to help locate what is causing what problems. 

Do you have a membership program?

Not only do we have 6 different membership programs to fit your needs, but we also have regular specials, discounts, and monthly special packages. Check out the Specials and Memberships tab. 

Can I fill out my forms before my appointment online?

We do have the new patient intake forms listed under the About Us tab. They are PDF downloadable files available for you to print and fill out before your appointment. We highly recommend doing this, as it allows for more time to discuss exactly what you want out of your treatment. 

What forms of payment do you accept?

Most Kneaded Essentials accepts online payments, checks, cash, and all major credit cards and debit cards using Square payment.

Are you able to accommodate couples, or same time massages?

At this time, we apologize we are not able to accommodate couples massage, as we only have one therapist working with us right not. We are working diligently in order to offer couples massages and expanded booking options. 

If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to email us in the Contact Us Section

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